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Support for you

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Your support time 


Either face to face in a clinic or via video call. Your initial consultation will be approximately 1 hour.  The number of consultations is all driven by you and your needs, most individuals require only one consultation.

Your session allows you plenty of time to not feel rushed, as you may do at your GP surgery. This is time for you, to enable learning and understanding of your body and symptoms. The outcome will be a clearer understanding of your body, what is happening to it and how you may wish to manage this transitional stage in your life.

You will receive a written summary post-consultation that may help you feel better informed about conversations with your primary care prescriber.

This will empower you to get back your life and feel you have your mojo back.

*Please note Victoria does not prescribe HRT* 

She can provide information on both the risks and


benefits of HRT, and educate on

the types of HRT, routes and regimes so you can feel prepared when speaking with your primary care practitioner. She will share with you evidence-based information provided by NICE and the British Menopause Society.



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How does it work?

When you book a support consultation you will be provided with a consent form, and a short questionnaire to fill out and return.

Victoria then reviews this and 'gets to know you' before your appointment.

This frees up the consultation to enable the focus on your concerns, and symptoms and go through any questions you have.

You will leave your consultation with your menopause pack and a clear idea of how you would like to manage your menopause journey. 

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Healthshare Clinic Norwich, 

The Space Burston

Sterling House

Mill Road


IP22 5TJ


The menopause is not the end of your journey,
it can be the start of an extremely exciting new one.

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