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Confidence support through your menopause

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The effect of menopause can have a profound effect on self-esteem, self-confidence and self-belief in women. This has led to women considering they are not fit to do their jobs. Victoria knows of many women who have given up successful careers due to the impact of symptoms on their self-belief.
Victoria needs you to know it doesn't need to turn out that way. 

You CAN bring back you

Due to the complexity of peri and post-menopausal symptoms, the effect on a women's self-confidence can be damaging. This can be to the extent of leaving successful careers prematurely and retiring as they believe they can no longer function in their job. 

Victoria works with you over six sessions to alleviate self-limiting beliefs, gain back your confidence and gain back your sense of "you" again. The effects are long lasting, and you will be equipped with many tools to support you long after your coaching programme is complete. This is a perfect time to review your lifestyle and your goals and help you to get your MOJO back.

In addition to being a qualified registered nurse, Victoria is also a qualified coach mentor and has a plethora of tools, and strategies to help you feel confident and resilient, to navigate your way through the menopause, your way.

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