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Help your workforce wellbeing by preparing your organisation for menopause.

Menopause is not a taboo word and people have no need to feel embarrassed talking about it.

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Menopause is indeed everyone’s business! When you consider that there are 3.5 million working women in the UK aged 50 – 65 and over 4.3 million working women aged 45-60, then you start to understand just how much impact menopause can have on your company. 

These women are potentially peri-menopausal or post-menopausal and it is essential that we, as business owners, are up to date on this stage in a women’s life and think about the most recent legislation to support all staff. 

The return on investment for this cause speaks for itself, as it can help women to stay in the workplace rather than give up work prematurely & can support your retention of staff goals. You will also enhance your company's reputation of excellence by having a menopause policy in place, ensuring that you value your staff by making the workplace an environment that is inclusive of all disabilities and health conditions.

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We provide education and support, so your workplace has an appropriate toolkit to support women and their colleagues in the workplace. 

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Women and men must know about the support that is available during the time of peri and post-menopause. Therefore, we provide menopause awareness and support training in the workplace. As employers you have a Duty of Care to all of your employees, by having menopause support available in the workplace demonstrates that the company values its staff and sets an example to other corporations.

There is a vast array of symptoms that can arise and impact women due to changing levels of oestrogen. Some experience mild symptoms that may be bearable, whilst others do suffer immensely. Women’s confidence and self-esteem take a huge dip, energy levels go South whilst fatigue flies North and can impact their enjoyment of life.

How we can help

menopause awareness workshops

This is a great workshop to get your staff gaining an understanding of menopause, the symptoms, treatment options the importance of lifestyle factors.

Goody bags are provided.

manager's menopause
or  champion training workshops

We provide training for anyone in a leadership or management role.

We also train menopause champions.

Both are half day workshops.

 They gain knowledge and skills to support their workforce during peri & post menopause.


We can deliver talks on any scale to help your team understand how the menopause can affect colleagues or customers. 

Public speaking

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Proud to have served these menopause friendly workplaces

What businesses say

As an organisation we recognised how important it is to support our staff with regards to the menopause. I invited Victoria to give an informative presentation to our menopause support group last year, which was incredibly well received.
Following on from this I have worked with Victoria to establish a Specialist menopause clinic for our staff, which has been a hit already.
The feedback the service has received about Victoria, and the advice and support she gives is exemplary. I know that she is making a difference to our staff and I look forward to our growing relationship in 2023.

Charlotte Andrews Associate Director of Learning & Wellbeing, Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Hounslow & Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust

 "Since setting up the Menopause Café at Pitney Bowes Victoria has been so supportive, and her guidance and advice has been invaluable to the café’s success.  Victoria has spoken twice at our café and her in-depth, professional knowledge has provided support and help to our employees and has helped Pitney Bowes to understand the importance of talking about the Menopause in the workplace".
Amanda Bowers Pitney Bowes

"I would absolutely recommend Victoria's training. Very engaging, knowledgeable, calm and I felt comfortable discussing intimate issues with her". HWN delegate
"Informative, open discussion. Feel equipped to talk to others and also encourage to work as a team with other champions". Champion training delegate
"Victoria is personable and a very informed practitioner and provides useful practical advice". Workshop delegate February 2023


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