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Find out what businesses have to say about the great impact Victoria has had on their workforce, spreading awareness of how the menopause can affect individuals and how we as a society can help...

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"Nearly 12 months ago I met a fantastic and inspirational specialist nurse, purely by chance. We had been running menopause support groups for our staff and she replied to a post I put out on LinkedIn to run a workshop online. Fast forward 12 months and Victoria Howell is our specialist staff menopause nurse running twice monthly clinics. On top of this she has provided support and guidance to managers and teams, and as part of our Staff Menopuase Awareness month I am thrilled she is delivering two brilliant workshops for staff. The first for all staff focusing on understanding menopause and everything surrounding it, and the second focused on supporting managers and the leadership teams. We know from the demand on Victorias time just how important it is to provide support for all our staff going through the perimenopause and the menopause, and we couldn’t ask for a better specialist to work with us."

Charlotte Andrews, NHS Associate Director, Kingston Hospital NHSFT

Claire Moore, HR Advisor at Lovewell Blake

"Victoria delivered training to our menopause champions and also helped us launch our menopause forums. The feedback from staff was extremely positive with Victoria delivering the content in a relatable and clear manner.  The presentation she provided to our staff as part of our menopause forum launch was in-depth without being overwhelming."

Amanda Bowers,

Pitney Bowes

"Since setting up the Menopause Café at Pitney Bowes Victoria has been so supportive, and her guidance and advice has been invaluable to the café’s success.  Victoria has spoken twice at our café and her in-depth, professional knowledge has provided support and help to our employees and has helped Pitney Bowes to understand the importance of talking about the Menopause in the workplace".

HWN  delegate

"I would absolutely recommend Victoria's training. Very engaging, knowledgeable, calm and I felt comfortable discussing intimate issues with her". 
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